Friday, May 14, 2010

N is for number

(n. 1. the sum, total, count or aggregate of a collection of units
or any generalisation of this concept  2. the particular numeral
assigned to anything in order to fix its place in a series  3. a word
or symbol, or a combination of words or symbols, used in counting
or to denote a total  4. a quantity [large or small] of individuals  
vb.  - to ascertain the number of; to mark with or distinguish by
a number; to amount to ...)

Well-known numbers
six million Jews
nine eleven
two thousand and ten

Less well-known numbers
twenty-four million more boys
than girls in India due to gendercide
(imagine the population
of Australia being all male)

Well respected numbers
two is company
one hundred dollars
x amount of profit

Numbers incomprehensible
six billion people
uncountable millions of stars
how many birds constitute
a flock?

Numbers not respected
"Roadworks Ahead"

You can only add numbers
of the same things.
Subtraction is good as long as
it isn't yours
or you didn't want it.
A tumour for example.
Multiply yourself (but if
you're a woman, don't
make more women)
Divide to conquer? More often
divide to maintain what you think
you have that is better.

how many birds
do constitute a flock?

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