Friday, May 21, 2010

T is for technology

(technology: the branch of knowledge that deals with 
science and engineering or its practice as 
applied to industry; applied science)

[engineer: to arrange, manage or carry through
by skilful or artful contrivance]
[industry: a particular branch of trade or
manufacture; assiduous activity at any work
or task]

Since the definitions above apply, and poetry is
built from form, even blank verse, I am experimenting
with a form I just learned about - the lune.

Gulf of Mexico
Oily threads will net
naive fish
make seaweed plastic.

Metro Trip
Heavy metal train
rock concert -
alight onto stage.

View From A Train
Layers of city
sequinned lights -
beyond reflection.

Powerboard holds up
arms: both printers on.

To and From Work
Car-train-tram-tram and
walk quickly.
Walk-train-train-car and
key in door.
(that wasn't the tercet a lune
is meant to be; I said I was

Melbourne Town Hall 
Basalt blocks - sandstone
massive front
declares war on One.
Our Town
Three approaches are
Trees guard heritage.

The New Footpath
Which art in heaven
New footpaths
May you come to us.

My Kitchen
Juicer sits idle.
Toaster's HOT.
Jug boils over and over.
(I told you I was experimenting!!)

This Life
Emails through ether -
news travels -
heard on the grapevine ...

Acknowledgement Is The New Buzz-Word
(another diversion)
make do for thanks.

Applied Science
Assiduous task
Carry through by skill.

A lune has 5 syllables in Line 1
                 3 syllables in Line 2
                 5 syllables in Line 3.
Check it out!! It's the American version of  haiku.

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