Saturday, May 8, 2010

H is for heat

(noun: 1. the quality or condition of being hot
2. the sensation of hotness  3. hot weather
4. warmth or intensity of feeling
5. a single course in or division of a race
or other contest  Zool. sexual excitement
in animals, especially females
verb: to make or become hot or warm)

Hot Topics

Is it different in any way
from clitorodectomy or
binding the feet of girls?

The plane trip was going
smoothly, all calm, when
suddenly this young woman

is standing down the back
screaming her head off
all covered in blood, there's

blood on other passengers.
No gun shot, maybe a knife?
Initially, yes. At that altitude

the lower air pressure caused
her silicon implants to explode.
My sister and I splutter

into our flat whites before
staring at each other with
disbelief, disgust.

Parents in America are giving
labial reconstruction to daughters
becoming "women", I whisper.

The knives glint with greed.
One doctor rarely sees unshaved
pubes on youthful (female) patients.

My sister says, It's all about
turning women into hairless
newborn animals! Needing

another animal's warmth to
survive. Joeys! she says.
Babies! Dolls! I add.

At this point we pack up, leave
the cafe, our heated exchange no
protection against the chill wind.

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