Monday, April 26, 2010

Off the Cuff 23: Exhausted & Earth's Problem

APAD 23     prompt: exhaustion

Exhausted just thinking about it.
Can Poetry Save the Planet?

Sparking a lively debate:
How many words will that take?
How many activists? How many
books can you not make? 

Exhausted talking it through.
What, after all, can we do
that hasn't been tried? How
many, in trying, have died?

Save the Planet for what?
And from whom? Are we
saying there's just not enough
room? Or something is wrong?

On the rapids we're carried along.
The Kiwi brings light to the gloom.
We agree there's no answer, happily.
Exhausted just being with doom.

We exit to find
the next chat-room.

Earth's Problem

I love the way you spit and sputter
no doubt if I listened
I'd hear you mutter

about being third from the Sun
and the only one
who has to put up with our clutter.

You grumble and spew -
yes, nothing is new -
it's all recycled matter.

You break rock down to soil
bring lava to the boil
but never get thinner or fatter.

In hail, snow, plain rain
you go green again - but
you don't care if parts of you

for unless there is news
or at least some more clues
you're still on your own, wet or dry.

NaPoWriMo  23

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