Sunday, April 4, 2010

Off the Cuff 3: Partly cloudy & Live Production

Sunday April 4th

APAD 3    prompt: 'Partly _______"

Partly cloudy

Partly cloudy, completely still.
I know I should be spraying.
Couch grass leaps with joyful will
while I am wilfully delaying

the effort it takes to dress for the sport
of putting the grass in its place.
I can't help admiring its vigour and verve
its shining irrefutable grace.

I could blame the weather
but it's perfectly calm
and the sun has a generous glow.
It's my distaste for killing
and agents of harm
that has me reap what I sow:

a backyard to rival a walk through the woods
where crumbs would get lost in the growth.
A garden that does what it wants without help
and the knowledge of self as a sloth.


Live Production

the sound of one finger
raising the volume

the realm of magic
announced by spotlight

you stay hidden
dressed in black

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