Friday, April 23, 2010

Off the Cuff 21: According to the weather report & Maps of the Murray

APAD 21   prompt: "According to __________"

According to the weather report
we are driving into storms and showers.
It is Autumn and warmer than we expect.
No complaints: Mikaela and I
pack for our trip, steadily, quietly,
peaceably. We will stop for meals,
sing along to Joni Mitchell. We can
weather any storm, drive west
with a car full of bedding, poems
and antique t-shirts, turning
our experience into wordless prose.

Maps of the Murray

It's like a swag, this red bag
the rolled up conversations
from nineteen years ago.

She wasn't born then, was
a blob of rapidly multiplying
cells. She was born into

travelling, being brave
in the face of humankind's
worst fear: talking to people.

I take her with me as a
talisman. The poems are older
than (her) time, the river ageless.

I travelled upstream then
stopped where peaches and cream
were cause for celebration.

This festival is to celebrate
conversation about conversation.
Timeless, age-old, renewable.

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