Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Off the Cuff 27: Here's Hoping and The Game

APAD 27     prompt: 2 for Tuesday - a hopeful poem or a hopeless poem

Here's Hoping

When will come the day
human beings do what they say?
Yes, know how to play it:
that to create is to say it.

A universal commitment
to honouring our word?
How absurd! But this game
is all we've got - it's the box,
the dice, the lot!

Imagine placing your word
on the board, have it heard,
and the time that you'll keep it
we'd just get a peep at

the power of trust, freedom, respect
and the rewards all of us collect.

The Game

How was your Games Day?
I ask my Mum. Good! she says
brightening. She says only Pat came
to play the Scrabble. I say, Great.

I don't ask: Did you win?
I say: Must dash off to work
(what a jerk!)
I add: Must go because I'm
leaving early today, for choir.

Her face perplexed.
My communication sets a standard
for osmotic thought she should
just ignore.

Better we stick to words
that interlock, or
better still, run side by side,
adding up to a Good Score.

NaPoWriMo 27

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