Sunday, April 18, 2010

To resume

Have you ever tried to find a road map of the Murray River region (or set of regions)?
I've been out to create maps of the Murray with poems I wrote back in 1991, for the
APC festival next weekend. Apparently we think in terms of state borders here, as if
we belong to different countries (perhaps we do!?) Regional maps are available, it seems,
if the region lies entirely within one state. My search has highlighted for me the mindset
behind the mess we've made of our lifeline river systems. When we stop thinking
"what I want now" and start saying "what can I give?" the rivers may well revive. Until
then, it's a valiant struggle for them to maintain their integrity as rivers.

Luckily my brother is Andimaps, so we've constructed two.

But I still wanted to display a real live roadmap with poems. Having failed in my search
at both Info Victoria (maps galore!!!) and the RACV, I took the one I'd originally tried
out the concept on, tarted it up a bit, and found a printer who would scan it to CD. (It's
bigger than A1 but not quite A0). How amazing is modern technology. On Monday I'll
simply take two CD's to Officeworks and come away with a bunch of publications.

Now to catch up with Off the Cuff.

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