Sunday, April 4, 2010

Off the Cuff 1: A Lonely Poem & The Garden Runs

It's Poetry Month in the USA and time to write a Poem-A-Day. It's also NaPoWriMo time - in other words: a poem a day. That's TWO at a time. The Poetic Asides challenge is to write to a prompt. The NaPoWriMo game is to write a poem about anything.

April 1st

APAD 1     prompt: a lonely poem

i meant to squash it,
she says, now it's
somewhere ... there ...
the curtains remain immobile.

carefully, I imagine,
one young huntsman
secures a hide
and hopes there's no

alone but not lonely
such words not occurring
in a spider's dictionary.

The Garden Runs

Left it for only a few weeks
and look where it's got to:
we're trying to train vines
and they're running amok

slapping Mum in the face
clinging to rose bushes
and any other damn handy
thing. As for the pumpkin

vines - more like supreme
masters of our paths, our
physical universe swathed
in gold-studded arms.

We will gather them up
thank each tendril for its
work, fill the Tidy Bin, thus
pay for summer's rain.

Next year we'll do vertical.

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